Why do schools have gardens?

Do gardens help kids?

Are There More?

Garden volunteer Beth Heggeness called out to the fourth and fifth grade students in her care, "Pick only the red ones!" Teams of students were crawling through garden beds eagerly seeking out cherry tomatoes. They were gathering every single fallen fruit no matter its color, but only the red or…

Sharing Softness

"Feel this plant, Alejandro," says garden volunteer Pamela Van Hoozer. "It's very soft." Alejandro rubs the fuzzy green leaf against his cheek. "The plant is named after a soft animal," Pamela says. "Can you think of a soft animal?" "Squirrel!" Alejandro shouts. "Squirrels are soft." "Lambs are soft, too," Pamela…

Now I Know

"See how we work in the garden, Alejandro?" asks Susannah, his grandmother. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="82,83"] "This is a dirty job," he says. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="80,81"] "Yes, but now I know what to do," she replies. "I'm going to build a garden in my yard."

Made of Love

"This is called lovage, Alejandro," garden volunteer Pamela Van Hoozer says. "You can remember its name because it's made up of two words you know. Do you know the word love? Do you know the word age?" "How many fingers do you have, Alejandro?" asks Pamela. "I need six more,"…